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  Bosch 11536C-1 36 Volt Lithium Ion Compact Rotary Hammer Drill

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36 Volt Bosch Battery:

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There's a new king in town.  The DeWalt 20 Volt Hammer Drill

Who better than Joe Kinder? The dude's always psyched, crushes rock and is goofy as $h*t. He's always giving back to the sport and there isn't a better ambassador out there. That's why we did this. With other crushers like Emily Harrington, Sam Elias, John Kuphal and Andrew Bisharat using this thing to put up world class routes, you know there's not another drill out there you should even be considering. And oh yeah, Rock and Ice says it's THE drill to have. Come on, any questions?

For starters, this thing is farkin light, like really really light. Like regular cordless drill light and it's a damn 36 volt hammer drill. That's enough for most of us right there....but there's more. 3/8" by 3" holes in under 20 seconds in "bullet hard granite" per the Rock & Ice boys. That's ridiculous. A standard charge on one of the Lithium slim packs that comes stock with the drill will get you 19 holes. Pick up a fat pack and you can almost double that figure. What more do ya need? his thing will transform your local crag.

From Rock & Ice

BED WETTERS, TEN-HUT! THERE’S A NEW boss in town and it’s the Litheon, a new cordless hammer drill from Bosch. The Litheon is the lightest, most powerful drill ever made—it’s what us LCDs (lowest common demoninators) have been waiting for. Checking in at just under six pounds, the Litheon is nearly four pounds lighter than other drills with equal power outputs, and is light enough to carry on lead. The weight savings primarily comes from its lithium-ion battery, used instead of the now old-school nickel cadmium (NiCad) battery. Lithium-ion batteries have the best energy-to-weight ratio, leak less power when they aren’t being used, and don’t suffer from the “memory effect,” so you can recharge a partially drained battery without lowering its charge capacity. The 36-volt Litheon charges to 80 percent in a zippy 30 minutes, and 100 percent in about an hour. Three LEDs indicate battery charge.

The Litheon has all the features you need: a relatively cheap price, a reverse toggle, a clutch, and hammer/spin or just spin mode. It is available with your choice of two battery sizes, the 1 pound 9 ounce “Slimpack” battery, or the full-sized battery that weighs 2 pounds 11 ounces. In bullet-hard granite, the Litheon will drill a 3/8- by 3-inch hole in a mere 19 seconds. Smokin! So much so, in fact, in my test where I drilled holes back-to-back, it melted the carbide tip right off the bit, the first time that has ever happened. With a fresh bit and charge, the Slimpack drilled 19 holes, while the standard pack drilled a whopping 34 holes-—enough to equip several routes on a single charge. Just as amazing, the Litheon drilled at full power all the way to the last hole. Bed wetters beware!

  • Regular battery drills 34, 3/8 x 3-inch holes.
  • Litheon battery can be charged while partially drained.
  • Drills 3/8-inch hole in 19 seconds.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Practical for on-lead bolting.

From the Manufacturer

The 11536C uses an electronically commutated (brushless) motor – the first professional Bosch power tool driven by an EC Motor. Eliminating limitations in conventional motors, power is pulsed on and off electronically with semiconductor devices, thereby maintaining high torque and speed from the start. The 11536C is optimized to give the best performance for the most common diameters, not the largest, making it great for smaller diameters and overhead drilling. The speed and impact rate are also optimized to provide the best drilling rates. Only with Bosch will you get the right combination of speed, power and vibration.

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