Fein 71900561090 AFMM 14 Cordless Multimaster Oscillating Tool - Includes Case & Accessories

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Fein 71900561090 AFMM 14 Cordless Multimaster Oscillating Tool - Includes Case & Accessories  -  $399.00

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From the Manufacturer
The Fein Cordless MultiMaster AFMM 14 system brings the most versatile tool ever designed now in cordless. The Fein MultiMaster Cordless gives you unmatched power and professional quality you expect from the oldest power tool company in the world. It also gives you what you have come to expect from the corded version now in a versatile and powerful cordless version. The Fein AFMM has a High Powered Motor and uses Lithium Ion technology to provide you with a powerful tool that will help get the job done when a corded version cannot be used. This tool also offers the patent quick change lever which enables tooless change and even more time savings. The Fein AFMM also gives you ergonomics and low weight which will help make your jobs even easier. This is a tool every professional will want in their tool box. Perfect for remodeling the bathroom, kitchen or any other renovation and home improvement job. Included in the kit are two, 14 volt Lithium Ion batteries, charger, carrying case, 1 E-Cut, sanding pad, 30 pack of 10 each 60, 80, 120 sandpaper, and a scraper blade.
From Toolnut.com
No matter what the job, Fein, the premium manufacturer of professional power tools, has the perfect solution. The Fein MultiMaster, an industrial grade, universal system for interior work and renovation. It's comprehensive range of accessories opens up a variety of applications for the professional, homeowner or hobbyist and make it THE "must-have". Everywhere where pro and expert interior work or renovation and repairs are required, the MultiMaster is up to task. The Fein multimaster is an industrial grade, universal system designed to handle all interior work, renovation work and so much more. It offers an extensive range of accessories which allows it to be used for nearly any detailed application, making it a "must-have" for either the professional, homeowner, or hobbyist. Perhaps best of all, is it's user friendly and safe design. The Fein MultiMaster is truly a master in just about any task a professional or even homeowner can throw at it.. The Fein MultiMaster will change the way you tackle tasks such as:
The Fein multimaster is a industrial grade, universal system designed to handle almost any interior work or renovation.It offers an extensive range of accessories which allows it to be used for nearly any detailed application, making it a "must-have" for either the professional, homeowner, or hobbyist. Perhaps best of all, is its useer freindly and safe design. Some of the areas of use it excells in are listed below.
Windows & Doors
Remove window glazing with the HSS segment saw blade included in the FMM250QTOP MultiMaster kit. Do so without any risk of injury. Make a vertical cut from above and then a forty five degree sideways cut all the way into the corners and edges without damaging the glass. Even very old windows can be completely restored.
Finish Carpentry
The complete range of sanding accessories gives you the ability to complete a wide variety of sanding applications. Various grits are available from 36 to 220, making it possible to prep for whatever finish will be applied; either stain, paint or a clear wax finish. With a classically shaped triangular finish sanding pad design you can sand into any nook, cranny or corner.
Cuts up to 2 and three eights are possible with the Fein MultiMaster Universal E-Cut saw blades The cutting depth can be conveniently adjusted when utilizing the depth stop accessory.
Cutting openings or recesses in confined cabinets is no longer a problem with the versatile quick connect mounting system. All accessories can rotate in 45 degree increments making any task possible.
Furniture Assembly
The Fein MultiMaster has a profile sanding set consisting of an insert holder and six different inserts for all types of profiles. Profiles are perfect for various tasks including the detailed sanding of crown molding, grooves in garage door paneling, etc. Coupled with the MultiMaster’s dust extractor setup, your work will be dust free. Work around the house and don’t worry about cleanup. The dust extractor can be connected to most domestic vacuum cleaners without out any hassle or extra parts needed.
Restoring Tiles
Have an old, cracked backsplash or floor tile? Want to redo the shower floor? Removal and replacement of tiles and grout is no longer a hassle with the Fein MultiMaster. It's range of tile accessories from diamond wheels, carbide grout blades and a carbide rasp make just about any tile task an easy and almost pleasant experience!
Car Repairs
The Fein MultiMaster is the ideal tool for everyone who repairs or restores cars. Cut sheet steel or plastics up to 18 ga. thickness with the HSS segment blades. Cuts are burr and warp free while creating just a minimum of sparks, And the result? Little to no touch up work! Professionaly repair panels with no compromises.
Paint flaws that usually would need to be sanded by hand are the perfect job for the Fein MultiMaster. High sanding capactiy along with an even sanding pattern guarantee a perfect result everytime.
The Fein MultiMaster's felt polishing set brings a shine back to paint and chrome.
The dedicated scraping knife will remove undercoatings and other stubborn coatings in the fastest of times.
The sanding finger is very effective for getting at hard to reach areas, where that final touch-up is needed to do a job right.
With the carbide rasp you can remove even the most stubborn signs of weathering thoroughly and quickly thanks to the high sanding capacity. Make an old fence post look brand new in just a few minutes.
Bring a shine to your old window sills with the Fein MultiMaster! From coarse sanding right through to polishing the stone sanding set has everything you need for stone surfaces.
Exact right angles in the tightest of places or flush to the surface, the range of sawblades offers the perfect choice for any material and any shape of cut. Universal E-Cut Saw Blades are also ideal for dismantling old plumbing fixtures. Pipes and tubing can be cut off flush to the wall with no extra work needed.
Trimming plasterboard or drywall is no longer a task reserved for experts. Precise, accurate cutouts can be made for electrical installations in sheets that are already in place.
Boat Repair & Work
The Fein MultiMaster perfect tool for installing electrical or electronic devices and their related switches, with an available precise cut out width as small as 10mm or 3/8".
Use the carbide rasp as a lateral stroke file. Debur or precisely file openings and cut-ins.
Fein MultiMaster saw blades and rasps are suitable for wood, fiberglass, carbon fiber, plastic or thin sheet metal.
Professional installation of radios, radar and navigation instruments can be completed quickly. Even round the edges of a cut out for installation with the provided files.
Hobbies & Model Building
With an oscillating movement unique to the Fein MultiMaster, controlling blades for cutting applications or sandpaper for sanding applications, the MultiMaster becomes the multitool to use for any and all model building or small hobbies. No need to worry about controlling an unwieldly jigsaw, circular saw or reciprocating saw. The patented oscillation of the Fein MultiMaster allows the user an ease of control unparalleled by any other tool on the market. Make small precise cuts and complete fine finish work on model airplanes, trains or even tiny repairs on bicycles, computer hardware and much more with unparalleled control and confidence.
The Fein MultiMaster, along with it’s comprehensive range of accessories does it all, and so much more. Truly a ground breaking tool and when combined with the appropriate accessory it makes any job, that up until now seemed impossible or daunting, a simple matter of turning on the tool and getting down to business. These are just some of the illustrations that make the Fein MultiMaster the perfect tool for finish carpentry and indispensable for all types of repair, installation work and countless other jobs.
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3-Year Limited Waranty

For detailed warranty information, please visit the Fein website.