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Amazing customer service. I opened a box months after it was delivered (long story), I found the tool damaged. Clearly not Tool Nut's fault. Nonetheless, they worked out a replacement part for me at no cost (also expensive). That kind of service is rare and refreshing. They have a very loyal customer now.
Asher Brand, June 29, 2017
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I don't think you'll find a better company to order tools from or deal with on the back end to resolve any issues with the order (if any). Their shipment is prompt. Upon receipt of my order I did not open one of the items for a few months (I do not recommend that). When I did I discovered one of the items had been damaged during shipment (check all of your order when it arrives). My experience with their customer service was exceptional (they sent a replacement, despite my failings on the front end). I will continue to use them for future tool orders and recommend them anytime I can. I don't see how you can go wrong! Thanks ToolNut!
Jason S., June 24, 2017
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Sometimes you have to recognize a good experiences and the people who made it a good experience. I made a purchase today from Toolnut and as always I was pleased with the customer service. The transaction was done over the phone because of a request on my part to change from the Festool package on one of the items I purchased. One of the items I purchased was an Ultimate Dust Deputy. Price $249.00 I read a lot of reviews and thought this product would work for me. An hour or less after completing the phone transaction I got a call from Doug at Toolnut explaining that the Ultimate Dust Deputy just went on sale for $209.00. It was not on sale at the time I called. Toolnut did not have to inform me of this but they did. That is customer service. It may seem trivial to some but to have the company call you and tell you we think you should be refunded $40.00 because we decided to have a sale. Other places would not have called, they would wait for the customer to complain. I do like dealing with you guys. I can't say enough about purchasing from Toolnut.
Ben, March 13, 2017
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As someone who has purchased over $10K in products from toolnut.com & festoolproducts.com for professional use I am very disappointed with this company's customer service as of late. The last three times I have called into customer service, I haver received rude attitudes and unwillingness to assist. The first times it was regarding product questions on items I was looking to purchase. The last go around was regarding a brand new grex pin nailer. Out of the box the unit leaked air from it's trigger. The tool was needed to complete a job and the Toolnut representative told me "Sorry that is bad luck, call grex" I offered to pay for a new one and ship them the defective one back for credit and was told they couldn't do that. Thank you ToolNut for leaving me and my business high and dry!
Kevin Lamb, March 10, 2017
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I ordered a tool from this company on December 18th 2016 for a Christmas gift for my son. Two days later when I look to see if it had shipped yet, I see that my order is still at the processing stage. I inquire about it and was told that this tool is on back order. I had no idea that this tool was not in stock in the first place or I would never have ordered it. However given the fact they had all my information and I was told that a shipment was coming in the next few days, I did not cancel my order. Christmas comes and goes. I message back before the New Year and was told that it should be here any time. I wait. I message again. I am told it should be coming. I message again. No response. I message again. I then receive a phone call. The man said that they have had problems with Milwaukee company and that he spoke to them personally and they promised my tool would be shipped to them immediately, and they in turn would expedite it to me. Over a week later, I still have nothing. I messaged this company again and given another excuse. Here it is, January 22nd 2017. NO TOOL. I would not recommend this company to anyone.
Evelyn D Kirk, January 22, 2017
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Just received my Makita SP6000. It was very well packaged. They put bubble wrap inside the saw box to insure it wasn't damaged in shipping. The guide track was also very well packed. Great job. I will order again.
Brian , January 9, 2017

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