Festool 492424 Polishing Compound MPA 6000

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Festool 492424 Polishing Compound MPA 6000  -  $33.00


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Achieving the perfect finish can be extremely challenging and tryign to duplicate or match an existing finish can prove nearly impossible. Faced with a myriad of potential approaches, and all the tools and methods available, it's a task in itself to choose an effective as well as efficient solution. With Festool's new polishing system you will have a simple and straightforward means to polish surfaces to a high gloss finish quickly, easily and with outstanding results. A simple system, built from the best compounds, pads and sanders available, is both easy to execute and easy to teach to any member of your crew, helping your customers provide their clients with a surface and finish that will outshine the competition.

Festool Compatibility SHINEX RAP 150
Product Type Polishing Compound
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Accessories and/or attachments, including, but not limited to, saw blades, drill bits, router bits, sanding discs and apparel are excluded from the Festool warranty.

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