Mafell P1 cc Jigsaw MaxiMAX in T-MAX Systainer

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Mafell P1 cc Jigsaw MaxiMAX in T-MAX Systainer  -  $765.00


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Sporting a powerful 900-watt motor achieving up to 3,000 strokes per minute, the Mafell P1 cc jigsaw has conquered the most challenging aspect of using a jigsaw - the ability to make perfectly square cuts regardless of the type of material, thickness of material or curvature of the cut. This is achieved with a patented blade guidance system that prevents blade wander or deflection. Mafell's blade guidance system doesn't use the typical guides on each side of the blade, which only cause friction and thus heat that weaken the blade. Also, there is no rear blade roller as you would find in other jigsaw. The reason is that if the aft of the blade is not perfectly 90-degrees, the blade running along the roller could cause blade drift. Since Mafell has done away with these rollers and guidance systems while relying on a more robust blade clamping mechanism, the result is perfectly true cuts.

The base plate of the Mafell P1 cc jigsaw is very wide for stability and control. The die cast, precision-machined base plate is made to be perfectly true and incorporates a non-marring material to prevent scratches on the surface of the material you're cutting. An innovative feature of the base plate allows it to be slid backward, which allows you to flush cut without the base getting in the way.

Splinter-free cuts in veneers, plywood and other delicate surfaces can be achieved with Mafell's splinterguard system. These clear plastic guards slide into the mouth of the base to create a zero-clearance insert around the blade. This means you can get cuts with no tear-out or splintering regardless of the material.

An optional tilting base plate can be swapped out on the jigsaw tool-free. Its width offers great support for guiding the saw during bevel cuts and also allows the saw to sit without its weight causing it to tip over. This means you only need to be concerned about following your cut line and not worrying about supporting the weight of the saw during your cut.

The Mafell P1 cc jigsaw can be used in conjunction with Mafell guide tracks. The jigsaw has a groove in its base which engages with a spline on the guide track for perfectly straight guidance.

Mafell includes a multi-purpose parallel guide with your P1 cc jigsaw. The parallel guide can also be used in conjunction with a Mafell guide track, or as a stand-alone accessory to reference off the edge of your material. The parallel fence has a capacity of 2-7/8" to 9-1/2". The parallel guide also functions as a circle cutter for precise circles and arcs.

Mafell has integrated blower and dust extraction capability into the P1 cc jigsaw. All of the accessories and components of the Mafell P1 cc jigsaw store in the Mafell T-MAX case for transport.

All Mafell power tools are covered by a comprehensive one-year manufacturer's warranty.


  • (1) MaxiMAX T-LOC Systainer
  • (3) Jigsaw blades CUnex W1, W2, W+P2
  • (1) Parallel guide fence P1-PA
  • (1) 90-degree base plate P1-GP
  • (1) Hose connector P1-AS
  • (1) Chip deflector P1-SA
  • (1) Splinter guard P1-SS
  • (1) Power cable, 13.1 ft (4 meters)
  • (1) T-MAX (T-LOC) Systainer
Stroke height 1" (26 mm)
No-load number of strokes 800-3000/min
Nominal power input 900 W
Weight 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg)
Power 120v 60Hz
Power Source Electric
Batteries Included No
Battery Voltage No
Amps No
Stroke Length No
Product Type Jigsaw
Stroke height 1" (26 mm)
No-load number of strokes 800-3000/min
Nominal power input 900 W
Weight 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg)
Power 120v 60Hz
Preorder Date No
Product Special Message N/A

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