Steel-Flex Pocket Knee Pads for Work Pants with RedBacks Cushioning

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Steel-Flex Pocket Knee Pads for Work Pants with RedBacks Cushioning  -  $54.95


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  • Perfect complement for Blaklader work pants with knee pad pockets
  • The only knee pad in the world to contain leaf-spring cushioning technology
  • Protects and cushions the knee for long lasting comfort
  • Technology dissipates weight, reducing pressure on the knee
  • Soft matrix structure protects the knee from cold or hard surfaces
  • Features an abrasive resistant cover to prevent objects from penetrating the knee
  • Curved to fit, placing the knee in the correct position to reduce pressure on the ankle
  • Uses soft rubberised materials for 100% recovery to original shape without loss of function
  • Significantly outperforms and outlasts all foam and gel kneepads
  • Washable and dry cleanable without the need to remove from trousers
  • Waterproof and breathable
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Includes two knee pads.

Redbacks® knee pads are patented worldwide and are CE approved for use in pocketed work wear pants. (CE5574 EN 14404-2004 + A1:2010 Type 2 Level 1) They help workers go about their duties with true confidence, allowing the knees to be comfortably suspended above hard, rough or uneven surfaces and protected against injury from sharp objects.

Redbacks® knee pads are the first in the world to use our patented, leaf-spring technology that evenly dissipates the user’s weight, bringing unrivaled relief from the pain and discomfort associated with kneeling.

They are non-absorbent to moisture, breathable and allow for the free movement of air and water. What’s more, they’re available in a bespoke choice of antimicrobial, flame and fire retardant and anti-static options (subject to minimum orders), making them particularly suitable for use in environments where strict legislative requirements operate.

  • Can be left in work pants for washing at 40°c / 104°f
  • Thermal protection from warm and cold surfaces
  • 3/5” (16mm) penetration protection
  • Curved to fit around knee
  • Long term use
  • 100% recyclable pad
  • Fits pocketed work pants
  • Leaf spring technology
  • Reduces point pressure distributes weight
  • 100% continuous support
  • Supports 0 to 990lbs by auto-adjusting to individual’s weight
  • Waterproof
Product Type Knee Pads
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Preorder Date Oct 20, 2016
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