Tajima TBYD-180 Combination Drywall Rasp

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Tajima TBYD-180 Combination Drywall Rasp  -  $15.94


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  • Unique Tetra-Teeth™ are clog-free and grind in both directions.
  • Three separate grinding sections for quick shaping and trimming, beveling or finishing, and spot grinding.
  • Recessed Coarse Teeth contain the drywall edge, and the staggered teeth design prevents clogging and allows dust to collect in the handle for controlled disposal.
  • Raised Fine Teeth are ideal for beveling or smoothing the drywall edge, and Siderail Teeth allow notching and detailed work.
  • Sleek design, 7 inches long for fewer strokes to achieve the same results.
  • Embedded elastomer grip on each side of the handle for sure-grip performance.
  • Chrome-plated Tetra-Teeth™ for superior durability.
Product Type Drywall Rasp
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