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I want to thank everyone at Toolnut for a great customer service experience! After starting on Instagram with Nick and then heading to the order and shipping department to get a missing package resolved., it all went smoothly and quickly, due to communication all around from all parties. I have great confidence for all future orders that all will be great even if a hiccup arises, due to the great experience I just had with the Toolnut team for this order. I look forward to the next tool purchase with the great group at Toolnut, they keep me hooked up with great deals and tools!!
Matthew J Shull, April 17, 2019
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What an outstanding customer service! I order the woodpeckers drill press table from ToolNut which delivery was fast considering it was a holiday week. Upon opening the package I found that the drill press table was warped. My first thought was I just spent $$ on a table thats useless. I'm not Rockefeller I'm a poor feller so everything I buy for my shop has to last the rest of my life. Long story short I contacted ToolNut. He requested I send pictures via email. Within a hour or so I received an email which said they contacted Woodpeckers and Woodpeckers will ship a new table out. Today I received the new table which was dead flat. This all happen in less than two weeks from the original order. Thank you to the great gentleman who handle my dilemma At ToolNut . Also I thank Woodpeckers for standing behind a great table. Cheers to ToolNut !
David J, December 28, 2018
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Large variety of top quality products, great customer service and super fast processing and shipping. Would definitely recommend!
Erin H, December 24, 2018
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Amazing customer service. I opened a box months after it was delivered (long story), I found the tool damaged. Clearly not Tool Nut's fault. Nonetheless, they worked out a replacement part for me at no cost (also expensive). That kind of service is rare and refreshing. They have a very loyal customer now.
Asher Brand, June 29, 2017
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I don't think you'll find a better company to order tools from or deal with on the back end to resolve any issues with the order (if any). Their shipment is prompt. Upon receipt of my order I did not open one of the items for a few months (I do not recommend that). When I did I discovered one of the items had been damaged during shipment (check all of your order when it arrives). My experience with their customer service was exceptional (they sent a replacement, despite my failings on the front end). I will continue to use them for future tool orders and recommend them anytime I can. I don't see how you can go wrong! Thanks ToolNut!
Jason S., June 24, 2017
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Sometimes you have to recognize a good experiences and the people who made it a good experience. I made a purchase today from Toolnut and as always I was pleased with the customer service. The transaction was done over the phone because of a request on my part to change from the Festool package on one of the items I purchased. One of the items I purchased was an Ultimate Dust Deputy. Price $249.00 I read a lot of reviews and thought this product would work for me. An hour or less after completing the phone transaction I got a call from Doug at Toolnut explaining that the Ultimate Dust Deputy just went on sale for $209.00. It was not on sale at the time I called. Toolnut did not have to inform me of this but they did. That is customer service. It may seem trivial to some but to have the company call you and tell you we think you should be refunded $40.00 because we decided to have a sale. Other places would not have called, they would wait for the customer to complain. I do like dealing with you guys. I can't say enough about purchasing from Toolnut.
Ben, March 13, 2017

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