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Handheld Precision Routing with Unparalleled Accuracy, Flexibility, and Efficiency. Bring Digital Precision to your next project with high-tech next generation shaper tools. Shaper Origin offers precision cutting, and routing from a digital hand-held system

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Introducing the Shaper Origin Hand Held CNC Router Tool with unparalleled accuracy, flexibility, and efficiency.  

Shaper workstation makes precision cutting easy, approachable, and intuitive, even in the most demanding projects. 

This universal template is designed to help make it easier to align and guide your shaper tool cuts in a precise and accurate way.

Bits, Storage, Tape, and Dust Collection deisgned to perfect and protect your project, and give you the best cutting experience.  

Automatically configures your cut depth and ramp into each pass, providing precision and preventing mistakes along the way.

The Complete Shaper System

Perfect Cuts, Every Time.
Cut perfect grooves, shapes, and features with the Shaper Origin Tool.  Technology driven design that anyone can use!

Difficult Workpieces Made Easy
 Workstation, when used with the Shaper Origin creates a system of precise and accurate cutting that simplifies even the most demanding projects.

Precision where you need it.
This universal template is designed to inlay, round, and route and simplify hardware installation. 

Accurate Mortise & Tenons

Perfect Box Joints

Difficult Workpieces

Accurate Mortise & Tenons

Accurate Mortise & Tenons

Edge Detailing

Intuitive Interface

On-Tool Design

Automatic Cut Precision


Digital Precision Woodworking

The Shaper Origin is a handheld CNC router that allows users to create precise cuts and shapes in a variety of materials. Some of its features include:

  • Portability: Take it to job sites or workshops easily.
  • Precision: Uses computer vision to track its position in real-time.
  • Ease of use: Intuitive interface and on-screen prompts
  • Compatibility: Works with a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, and metal.
  • Versatility: Wide range of woodworking applications
  • Dust collection: Built-in dust collection system that keeps your work area clean
  • Connectivity: Can be connected to a computer or tablet via to access designs

Intuitive Interface

On Tool Design

Auto Cut Correction


Precise Joinery

Unmatched Portability

Easy Hardware Installation

One tool, infinite possibilities

How it works

Shaper Origin, unparalelled precision


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Shaper Tools - A History of Innovation 

Visionary Alec Rivers

Upon inheriting his grandfather's old hand tools, Alec Rivers embarked on a project that surpassed his expectations in scale. As he attempted to construct a picture frame using these tools, Alec realized the challenge of achieving accurate cuts for this seemingly straightforward shape. Despite his basic proficiency, his attempts resulted in gaps in all the corners. This prompted Alec, a PhD candidate at MIT with a background in computer science, to contemplate if technology could provide a solution.


Taking a leave of absence from his studies and armed with a prototype for a one-axis handheld CNC router, he sought to create a product that would simplify the process of making precise cuts and shapes. At MIT, he met Ilan Moyer, an accomplished digital tool designer who had extensive experience in digital fabrication and the maker movement.  Together, they worked on enhancing the one-axis machine and transforming it into the Shaper Origin, a two-axis machine. With their product ready, Alec and Ilan began searching for investors who could help them turn their idea into a successful startup.


During a crucial meeting with Avidan Ross, the founder of Root Ventures, Alec presented his cardboard box of machine parts. After a persuasive pitch, Alec received a positive response from Ross, which was his first investment. In celebration, Alec spent his remaining $20 on a meal, leaving a mere 26¢ in his bank account.


CEO Joe Hebenstreit

The momentum gradually transformed into a well-earned recognition with the arrival of Joe Hebenstreit, who is currently the CEO of Shaper. Joe had previously headed the product development team at Google Glass. Under Joe's leadership, the team became more focused on delivering a tangible product and spent a year testing ten functional prototypes, pushing them to their limits both in the workshop and with users in the field.


After five years of development, six prototypes, and countless hours of work, the Shaper team is excited to introduce the world to the Shaper Origin. This handheld CNC router is a powerful tool that enables precise and accurate cuts, making it ideal for professionals and beginners alike. The Origin features an intuitive interface and computer vision technology that makes the process of cutting and shaping materials easy and efficient.


The Shaper team is proud of the work they have accomplished and is excited about the future of their product. They hope that their innovation and dedication will inspire others to think outside the box and pursue their passions. The Shaper Origin is a testament to what can be achieved when individuals come together with a shared vision to create something truly remarkable.


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