Router Bits

When your work demands precision, make sure that you have the bit you need, when you need it. From go-to straight bits to specialty sets, we carry the best router bits from Bosch, Festool, Freud and other brands. The Tool Nut offers great prices and fast shipping on a wide variety router bits, in addition to routers and any other tool you might need. 
We make it easy to get what you need or the cut you are looking for. Shop by project, router bit type or brand. If you're looking to upgrade your bit selection or building out your collection, we've got the router bits that you're looking for. If you need an additional accessory for your router, we carry dust collection, edge guides, template guides and more!

Frequently Asked Questions About Router Bits

Q. This is my first router and I'm getting started with woodworking. Can you recommend what bits I should start with?
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Depending if you are...