Micro Jig GB-1 Grip Block

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The Micro Jig GRR-RIP BLOCK features the amazing Green GRR-RIP nonslip material to take command over your workpiece as never before. Smart Gravity Heel hooks grab the end of your workpiece or float above the material surface. GRR-RIP BLOCK gives you improved control for freehand routing while keeping your hands clear and safe. Add the optional MJ Deflector/Connector accessory for the ultimate protection against flying debris.

  • Works with jointers, bandsaws, router tables, shapers and table saws
  • Unique nonslip material grips your material surface for precise control
  • Gravity actuated hooks drop down automatically to grab the end of a board
  • Hooks instantly retract when the pushblock grips a material surface
  • 90 Degree flip guide for resawing on bandsaws or vertical milling on the router table
Product Type Table Saw Accessory
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