SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 220V Single Phase 3-HP 13-Amp 10" Professional Cabinet Saw with 52" Professional Series T-Glide Fence System

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  • Unmatched fit and finish with a keen attention to detail.
  • SawStop Safety System stops on contact with skin.
  • 52" Professional T-Glide Fence System provides smooth operation, an expansive work surface, precision measurement and sure lockdown without deflection.
  • Warranty - 2 years

The SawStop 3HP Professional Cabinet saw with 52" Professional T-Glide Fence System offers versatility and safety. It delivers the performance you need with the peace of mind only SawStop's patented safety system can provide.


  • (1) 3HP Professional Cabinet Saw (PCS31230)
  • (1) T-Glide Professional Fence Assembly (TGP2-FA)
  • (1) T-Glide Professional 52" Rails Assembly (TGP2-R52A2)
  • (1) T-Glide Professional 52" Extension Table Assembly (TGP2-T52A)

How does Saw Stop technology work?

​1. Monitor & Detect

  • The blade carries a small electrical signal.
  • When skin contacts the blade, the signal changes because the human body is conductive.
  • The change to the signal activates the safety system.

​2. Brake Activation

  • An aluminum brake springs into the spinning blade, stopping it in less than 5 milliseconds!
  • The blade’s angular momentum drives it beneath the table, removing the risk of subsequent contact.
  • Power to the motor is shut off.

​3. Reset

  • Resetting the saw yourself is easy. Simply replace the blade and affordable brake cartridge and your saw is operational. The entire reset process takes less than five minutes.


​The first table saws were designed in the late 1800’s. The core design of most of today’s table saws was born in the 1950’s. Over the past 60 years, companies build saws by looking at the competition and selecting already-created components to cobble together a complete tool.

SawStop saws are different.

Each SawStop model is designed and engineered by woodworkers, for woodworkers. We take advantage of the freedom, and take on the obligation, to make a different and better tool. Our engineers avoid off-the-shelf components and old designs in favor of practical innovation.

Our engineers know that the right materials, whether cast-iron or steel, are just as important as advanced technology. And the right time to use advanced electronics is when they improve the experience of the operator, never for an advertising gimmick.


​No one likes to compromise. Certainly, when SawStop set out in 2004 to build the first SawStop Cabinet Saw, compromise was an unacceptable notion. Just as there could be no doubt that the saw’s legendary safety system would respond to contact in less than 5 milliseconds, there could be no doubt of the strength and durability of this new saw. Debuting a new saw to a crowded market of long-time favorite saw brands would be a challenge. SawStop had to bring our best.

We brought cast iron, steel and a stubborn dedication to ideas like heavier. Thicker gauge. Most rigidity. Least deflection. The result of more cast-iron and steel was the heaviest weight, most powerful 10” table saw on the market. Today, more than a decade later, the Industrial Cabinet Saw still holds that honor.

The same dedication to quality materials has been brought to each saw that followed: Professional, Contractor, and Jobsite. SawStop accessories enjoy the same materials focus. The Sliding Crosscut Table, for example, is built from 6061 T-6 aluminum. That’s aircraft-grade. Why? Because that’s what we’d want in our tools. We figured our customers would want the same.


​SawStop’s focus on practical innovation, combined with our obsession for using the highest grade materials, produces saws unlike any before experienced by woodworkers. The ideas seem simple to most, and innovation and quality claims are easy to make. Discerning craftspeople need proof.

The proof is in each saw we build.

Find proof in our Cabinet Saws: A heavy-weight trunnion unlike any on the market, with the thickest arbors of any 10” saws. True vertical trunnion travel, with gas-piston assist for ease of operation. Durable, open gearing for minimal dust compaction and easy operation. Quiet and true poly V-ribbed belts for sure power transfer with minimal vibration. Proven 99% dust extraction, achieved through shaping the blade’s created turbulence.

Find proof in our Contractor Saw, featuring cast-iron durability coupled with the most configuration options of any SawStop saw.

Find proof in our Jobsite Saw, featuring One-Turn elevation, a weight balanced trunnion, a true t-style fence, and SawStop safety in a rugged design built for the work site.


​Our engineers and builders have every intention of creating the finest table saw, from design and materials to assembly and ultimate functionality. However, intention is not enough. We trust that the SawStop team is the best out there.

And then we verify, and verify again.

During the build process, our experts are continuously verifying that each component is built to specifications and assembled with SawStop’s stringent tolerances. Prior to shipment, batch inspections are conducted to help avoid unacceptable variations in each saw.

Finally, expert SawStop personnel in our Tualatin warehouse conduct randomized lot inspections. Confession time: at each of these steps, we sometimes find things that need fixing. We find imperfect saws, with imperfect components. But as long as our team is doing their job, you’ll never know what we found, because we never shipped it.

We engineer, build, and inspect for quality, so you can cut with confidence.

More Information
Blade Diameter10
Blade Tilt Range0-45 degrees
Dado Blade Diameter (Max.)8 in
Depth of Cut (45 Degrees)2-1/4 in
Fence Length35 in
Motor Phase1
No-Load Speed (RPM)4000
PreWired Voltage220V
Rip Capacity (Right)52 in
Table TypeCast Iron
Table Width (w/Extension)85-1/4 in
Arbor Size5/8 in
Blade TiltLeft
Dado Blade Width (Max.)13/16 in
Depth of Cut (90 Degrees)3-1/8 in
Motor TypeInduction
Power SourceCorded
Rip Capacity (Left)12 in
Table Depth27 in
Product Type Table Saw
Power Source Electric
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